Should I get a low or medium stretch fabric?

This is also a matter of preference, but first of all, let`s establish what the difference between these 2 are:

Low-stretch fabricslow-stretch fabrics are primarily used by beginners because they are in principle easier to climb and they provide more support. They are the main choice also for aerial yoga because it provides a lot of support in static poses.

Medium-stretch fabrics: medium-stretch fabrics are the go-to silks for advanced or professional aerialists.

Our Aerial Fit Aerial Yoga Hammocks are made of low-stretch fabric, 100% Nylon. This will help you feel very secure in your aerial yoga practice.

We are proud to share our favorite fabric, the Aerial Fit Silk. We love it because we believe we go the recipe for the perfect silk just right. And we have had time to confirm this with the many kilometers of fabric that we have sold so far

The Aerial Fit Silk is a medium-stretch fabric, 100% Polyester, and it offers a nice bounce on drops, to the delight of the aerialist and basically anybody watching. But it is also surprisingly also easy to climb, since the material is very grippy. That is possible due to the fact that we are using a 160cm widths for our silks, which we believe makes all the difference.

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In order to answer this question, we have to establish the difference between these 2 and the different advantages of each...


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