Since 2003, we at SchenkSpass have been developing, selling, and producing Event & Circus equipment. We always place great importance on high quality and, whenever possible, prefer "Made in Germany" to be able to trace the manufacturing process.

Our in-house products include Circus tents with or without fixed poles, ringmaster's canvases, and aerial arts equipment such as vertical cloths, aerial rings, and accessories like swivels. We also offer balance items like Rola Bola and rope walkways. For custom orders, we are happy to provide individual quotes.

"SchenkSpass 2003" was founded by the brothers Christian and Frederik Schenk.

We were captivated by the circus fever from a young age and learned the basics of juggling, balancing, and aerial arts early on at the Children's Circus Knirps, a project at the Waldorf School in Würzburg. Today, we even manufacture the circus tent with complete furnishings every year.

SchenkSpass also includes these websites and online shops: - The online shop exclusively for aerial arts products from SchenkSpass & Aerial fit - The website for the rental of bouncy castles, lighting & sound equipment, circus tents, and play equipment - The online shop for tent pegs

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