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Aerial Fit - Elevating Aerialists with Quality and Expertise

At Aerial Fit, our commitment is to develop and offer the highest quality products for aerialists. We meticulously focus on technical details, allowing you to concentrate on the joy, fitness, and performance of your aerial endeavors.

Our mission is to nurture a growing community with premium resources and safe aerial equipment. Customer feedback has been invaluable in shaping our journey, and since the launch of our first website in 2003 under the main brand SchenkSpass, we've served thousands of customers, selling numerous vertical fabrics along the way.

Listening to the needs of aerialists in their training, Aerial Fit emerged as an independent brand dedicated to aerial arts. In Germany, SchenkSpass stands as a leading provider in aerial arts, proudly producing and constructing our products in Germany, ensuring their quality and safety.

Facilitating aerialists in setting up their equipment at home and beyond is our aim, achieved through providing increasingly detailed information. We extend our support to studios with technical assistance and attractive discounts in their initial phases or when upgrading existing offerings.

Delve into our website and explore our original equipment – from aerial silks, Aerial Yoga, Aerial Hoops, Straps, Trapezes, Rigging, special studio packages, and more.

But the story of SchenkSpass goes back to our childhood, where we joined the circus, learning to juggle and entertain crowds. Our entrepreneurial spirit was ignited early on, leading Frederik to start selling circus equipment from the garage, gradually taking this "hobby" online. Meanwhile, Christian, his brother, dedicates himself to developing safer and higher-quality aerial products, expanding services from event hosting, circus equipment rental and sales, to producing tarps and selling ground pegs.

At Aerial Fit, our journey is a testament to our deep connection to the world of aerial arts and our dedication to providing the best for fellow enthusiasts.

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